supplying water to tribal villages - installing water pumps, pipelines & tanks
restructuring schools - supplying computers - installing solar panels and lights
supporting the kids

Promoting the concepts of Fair Trade as an aid to the population of India

We are active in the states of Maharastra (mainly in Mumbai and outlying villages) and Himachal Pradesh (Dharamsala area)

About us

The Energee Association was founded in 2003 and is a non-profit, neutral, apolitical and non-religious organization. The body of the association are the executive committee and the members' assembly. All collaborators are volunteers and a 100% of all expenses (administration included) are entirely absorbed by designated sponsors. The organization is Swiss-based and instigates and oversees a variety of human enhancement efforts, ranging from medical insurance for families, funding water wells, water pumps and pipelines, installing solar panels and lights, restructuring schools, placing playgrounds in outlying villages and more.

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Dear friends of the Energee Association, we would like to express our warmest thanks for your ongoing support, which encourages us to continue on the same path. Without your help (ideas, donations, voluntary activities), we would be unable to accomplish it all. Thank you! Our regular visits to India have greatly helped us to understand the most urgent needs of the rural populations, and to experience the living conditions in the villages and in the cities. With the support and the cooperation of the head of the villages, the teachers and the population, we have carefully selected and carried out the most urgent projects. Special thanks to: Sarosh and Perviz Bilimoria in India, for their spontaneous help with ongoing projects in the villages. Daglu, our precious handyman in the villages.

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Area of activity

We are active in India, in the states of Maharastra (mainly in Mumbai and outlying villages) and Himachal Pradesh (Dharamsala area). Some information about India: Population: > 1.2 billion Official languages: 18 assamese, bengali, gujarati, hindi, kannada, kashmiri, konkani, malayalam, manipuri, marathi, nepali, oriya, punjabi, sanscrito, sindhi, tamil, telegu e urdu Spoken languages: 325 Religions: Buddhism: 0,8%; Christianity: 2.3%; Hindusim: 82%; Islam: 12.1%; Jainism: 0.4%; Sikhism: 1.9%; other: 0.4% Currency: Indian rupee Area: 3'287’590 Km2 Irrigated land: 33.3% Forests: 21.6% Longest river: Brahmaputra 2'900 Km Highest mountain: K2 8'586 m

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Ristorante Centovalli projects

The Ristorante Centovalli based in Ponte Brolla in the beautiful italian speaking canton Ticino of Switzerland, has supported our association for many years. DECEMBER 2015 - Naldhe School fencing project