Get involved

How can individual support us?

You can support us by becoming a friend of the association, i.e. with ideas and suggestions, voluntary activities, or by making a donation to belows account.

Since 2009, Energee has also supported several projects for the Dharamsala/India based Tong-Len Charity (see Tong-Len).

How can a business support us?

If your business is in the field of sports and outdoor activities, fashion, promotional products etc. you will support us by selling Energee & Chaskee products. As outlined on the tag which is attached to every product, a portion of the profit is set aside to promote our development projects in India.

You can also support our cause by displaying the Energee Association’s flyers in your shop, or adding our ling to your website.

How can associations and clubs support us?

Similar associations can help us with new ideas and tips on how to continuosly improve our activities.

How can schools support us?

To raise awareness among yourg people pertaining to the poverty and underdevelopment of the rurale areas in India, we encourage primary and high school classes to get involved in intercultural Exchange projects, such as selling handcrafted gifts at local markets, fund raising for some specific projects etc.

Becoming a project sponsor

Our association offers the possibility to sponsor entire projects. Visit our section projects to view our areas of activity so far. Moreover, we welcome any new project ideas and sponsors.

For additional information do not hesitate to contact us.

Swiss Post: Swiss Post, Postfinance, Nordring 8,
CH-3030 Bern, Svizzera
Account holder: Associazione Energee, Via Saleggi 16,
CH-6612 Ascona, Svizzera
Account: 65-782961-2
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