Tong Len

Tong Len

Tong-Len Charitable Trust was founded in 2002 by a group of Tibetan refugees. Led by Jamyang, a Buddhist monk, their aim is to give something back to the Indian community for their welcome and support to the many Tibetans living in exile in the Dharamsala/McLeod Ganj area (northern India), which is also the home of H.H. the Dalai Lama.

Tong-Len’s mission is to help displaced Indian communities of the area living in slums to achieve a more secure and sustainable future through a range of educational and health-based projecst. The Energee Association has started to support Tong-Len in 2009.

Water tank


Thanks at private sponsor we bought a water tank of 10’000 l.


Wall for installation work.. work..



Financial contribution to new refrigerator / freezer


As a first step for new cooperation with Tong-Len, we did the necessary searches for provision of a new refrigerator / freezer energy savings for the kitchen of hostel.





JamYang’s visit to Ascona – Switzerland


To improve the cooperation with the Energee Association, during his Europe trip JamYang has been invited to visit Ascona and meet all the members of the association. It was a very interesting and stimulating moment for all.


Welcome cake to JamYang


Dinner with members Energee association.


JamYang in Ascona.


JamYang and Cristina in Valle Verzasca.


San Gottardo.


Emanuela, JamYang and Stefano.

New Tong-Len Hostel


Energee has financed one of the three solar hot water systems, located on the roof of the hostel. The system includes a 500l water tank and 5 solar panels. The average temperature of the heated water is between 60-80c (max. is 120c). The hot water is not only used for showers, but also for cooking, which will considerably reduce the electricity bill over time. The new hostel now hosts almost 100 people (children & staff).


Inauguration of the hostel


Official inauguration of the hostel for children with the Dalai Lama and managers of Tong-Len.



New Tong-Len Hostel


Thanks to a very generous donation received for Tong-Len, Energee has been able to cover approximately one third of the construction cost of the top floor, which will allow to host and educate an additional 24 children from the Dharamsala slum.
The new hostel will be officially inaugurated in fall 2011.Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

Work in progress

Construction of two shower rooms in the Charan Khad slum of Dharamsala

JUNE 2010

In agreement with the Tong-Len management and with the objective to improve the poor hygiene conditions of the slum population, Energee has financed the construction of 2 shower rooms (one for women and one for men).
Solar energy is used for hot water and light.
Adults use the showers early morning and evenings.
A young woman from the slum has been hired to shower the young children and keeping the area clean, which allows her to earn a small salary.

Defining the shower area Leveling of ground

Defining the shower area and leveling of ground.

Construction in progress Construction in progress

Construction in progress …

Hot water for winter months Water tank

Hot water for winter months and the water tank

Construction in progress Construction in progress

Construction in progress …

First shower ready Second shower ready

First and second shower ready.

Before the shower During the shower

… the first shower!

During the shower During the shower

During the shower!

After the shower

… after the shower!


Installation of 3 tanks and 3 water tap areas in the Charan Khad slum of Dharamsala


The Energee Association financed the majority of the following project:

 Repair of hand pump and motor installation (the motor is able to pump the water from 78 m deep).

– Installation of pipes connecting 3 different tanks in separate locations around the slum. The whole community (approx. 700 people) has now access to sufficient water from 2 of the tanks which hold 1000 Litres each, equipped with 2 taps and 4 taps resp. The third tank (with 4 taps) is installed near the tent school and provides water for the children.

The Tong-Len Association has made the movie:

“Water final compressed”.

View of Charan Khad Slum View of Charan Khad Slum

View of Charan Khad Slum.

Pump on working

    Delivery of two computers to the Tong-Len Hostel in Dharamsala

MAY 2009

In agreement with Jamyang, the founder of Tong-Len, we went shopping for two computers for the hostel children. The 6 oldest children, who need them for their homework, were well prepared and able to explain to the salesman what exactly they needed and what their budget was. The first computer was then assembled in front of them, and they were able to take it home right away. 
It was a very enriching and pleasant day for all!

Comuputer Shop

The first computer is ready!

Transportation of Computers Installation of Computer

Taking it home… and setting it up in the boy’s study room.


The 2nd computer in the girl’s study room.